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As a business owner you probably spend money on marketing to attract new customers, to grow your business, and hopefully to increase your profit. but how do you make them loyal and keep them coming back ?

Imagine you spend a small part of your marketing budget on implementing a loyalty and reward scheme for all your customers, with your own branded loyalty card that not only gives them a cashback reward and other benefits everytime they shop with you ,but also cashback and rewards when they shop elsewhere. For example when they shop at the local supermarket (Tesco or Morrison etc), or at B & Q ,at Argos ,Boots,Marks & Spencer, Costa, Harvester, Greene King, John Lewis etc etc etc and thousands more high street stores.

Your loyalty customers will also receive cashback and rewards when they go online shopping. For example when booking a holiday through Expedia, a hotel at Booking.com or a Car Rental from Europcar or Avis and even shopping at Ocado and again many thousands of other online stores.

Your customer will get upto 5% cashback paid directly into their bank account every week every time they go shopping at another loyalty merchant.

Now you have one very happy and loyal customer, because your customer is doing  nothing different to what they have always done, spending what they have always spent, but are now getting weekly cashback. Everytime they shop they are reminded of you, by the branded loyalty card you gave them for free. They think you are amazing……….now that is great marketing.

But the best part is yet to come !

Every time your customer spends elsewhere at other loyalty merchants, you receive 1% of whatever they spend.  Now that is clever – but very simple !!

So here it is a marketing tool that gives you very happy returning customers and also generates you an income stream – brilliant .


Watch this simple video…….

But even that’s not the end of it – your customer can use the loyalty card membership you gave them for free, at Loyalty Merchants like you, in 47 countries throughout the world and they will still receive cashback and rewards and you will also receive 1% of their spending – even when they are away on holiday abroad !

Becoming a Loyalty Merchant with Cashback World enables you to have your business promoted to over 12 million members throughout the world and compete with the major players in the marketplace, but far more than that it can become a significant income stream for you and your business.



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